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Living with Britney - Secret exhibitions

Living with Britney - Secret exhibitions

Living with Britney is an interactive sex game for all who prefer to do something more than only fuck. You will play as Josh, boyfriend of amazing 3D hot blonde. The game is not only about having sex all the time, it focus on Britney's relationship with you and other problems.

You have lost your job and have a little depression now. Britney is bored with you, she probably found another boy. Your task is to get her back and make she fell in love with you again. The problem is that her new man is really handsome and has a lot of money. You have 30 days to do everything, to make her happy, as she was before. Britney is a really hot babe, it is worth to fight for her love. Your future depends on you.

Take control of Josh, change his live. That 3D sex game gives you an opportunity to learn more about Britney's desires and passions. She loves sex a lot, but do it slowly, think what to say and do what she likes the most. Relationship is a crap today, but remind her all the best years, when you have crazy fuck in public places, and romantic sex in warm living room.

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