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Fetish 3D

Fetish 3D

Fetish 3D is one of the most perverse adult game on the market right now. It uses Sex Villa engine, so that kinky simulation has endless possibilities and features. Download the best virtual fetish sex game worldwide with breathtaking interactive action.

Fetish 3D is not a video, where you can only watch sex slaves. Here you can do whatever you want, create your own virtual slaves and be the master. It gives you an opportunity to create the hottest 3D babes and play with them in real-time. The game has a lot of fetish packages so you can use all the hardcore tools and clothes.

Fetish 3D creates extremely good models and animated girls right on your screen, all that babes are realistic and look like real women. You can customize your own girlfriends and boyfriends and then edit models, remix, reuse and fuck whenever you want.

You can choose from hardcore locations, dungeons, clubs, toilets, public places, fetish rooms, have fun being slave or a master. Pick one of various outfits and clothes! You can use all hardcore toys and tools, including fucking machines, wax, cages, bondage, tiding, huge dildo, big vibrators, spank items.

Moreover you can use sex community portal Gamerotica, where you can share and show all your sex toys, erotic clips, cool outfits and 3D models or scenes. Rate and comment other users on huge forum. Read more articles about possibilities of virtual fetish games.

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